Weight Loss – Growing Bigger on the Inside

by Korri SavageWeight loss is a transformational process. You are literally transforming your body from one form to another. What takes place physically also takes place mentally and emotionally.

If you are a person who struggles with your weight, the process of losing weight and maintaining the weight loss can be your greatest challenge and the path of your greatest growth.

You know that trying to lose weight eventually leads you to face many issues. It is hard to change eating patterns and create an active lifestyle with regular exercise. It is hard to maintalin that weight loss unless you face those issues that caused your weight.

Your process of losing weight is also your path to your greatest growth.

Losing weight can be a doorway to growth. Growth is about becoming more – more of who you truly are. I call it growing big on the inside.

In order to lose weight you will encounter what stops you. You will have to grow beyond your old ways of coping, your old patterns of using food and create a different relationship to food. You will have to change your life to support the body you want to have. You will have to truly change. That is transformation.

You will transform what stops you into what makes you successful.