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Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.
— Mark Twain

You have probably been thinking about quitting for some time now. You may have unsuccessfully tried to quit before. You’ve struggled with quitting and are tired of it — tired of smoking, tired of the struggle and tired of failing. You want to put an end to this struggle once and for all.


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To prepare to quit smoking, view and download my self-assessment questionnaire and determine which type of smoker you are.

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Perhaps you’ve quit and relapsed and now want to get back on track. You may have gone through a stressful period or a crisis and went back to an old coping mechanism — smoking. Or a strong urge to smoke (a smoking trigger) caught you unprepared. Maybe you thought having only one wouldn’t hurt, but the addiction took hold once again.

You may have mixed feelings about quitting. You want to quit smoking, but you’re afraid to let it go. Afraid you’ll feel lost without it — like losing a friend. You know you should; but you like it, it’s interwoven into your day. You enjoy smoking. Logically, you know how ridiculous that sounds, but that’s the way you feel. You don’t have to hate smoking to successfully quit. Many of my clients enjoy it, but realize the cost and risks of smoking now outweigh the benefits. You’ve reached the point of diminishing returns. You need to quit smoking.

There really are no addictions. There are only those things that you love more than life.
— Unknown

I can help you quit smoking. In fact, I love to help people quit smoking. I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them successfully quit. I, too, was a smoker who struggled with quitting — so I understand the struggle. I, too, quit, relapsed and had to go through pain of quitting again. I enjoyed smoking, but my body did not.

You have the strength and courage to quit smoking.



When you quit smoking:

  • You will feel better in every part of your life.
  • Your self-esteem will improve.
  • You will feel confident and strong.
  • You will feel good about yourself.
  • Your health will improve measurably and immeasurably.
  • Your energy for life will become more vibrant.


Hypnosis makes the entire process — quitting, withdrawal (both physical and mental) and detox — much easier and more manageable. Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind, which controls the addiction. By using hypnosis I can remove the struggle and replace it with confidence and peace.


You can end your struggle

You can successfully and permanently quit smoking and become the non-smoker you want to be. I can help.

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