“I’ve been working with Janis for 11 years and can say without hesitation that my life would be very different without her. She not only got me through some very difficult transition periods—changing provinces, the end of my marriage, career crisis—but she also helped me to quit smoking! As a private person with a public persona, performance anxiety was an issue for years. I always find a quick trip to Janis before a major event helps immensely. It allows me to be the confident person I have to be. Hypnosis was new to me in the beginning and now I use it regularly as one of the many tools Janis has introduced to me over the years.” — Susie Moloney, novelist

Jerry thumb
“I have been coming to see Janis for the last five months to help me get over a divorce, and she has also helped me with other issues that came out as a result of our sessions. Janis has been fantastic in helping me cope with the changes that have occurred in my life recently and in the past. Her interactive style helps to get the ball rolling on helping you get a grasp of reality and how to help yourself. Janis’s down-to-earth style not only has a way to relax you, but she actually makes me laugh. Whenever I leave her sessions, I have always felt more relaxed and calm. That alone is a great feeling. I have recommended Janis to a few people and will gladly do so in the future.” — Jerry Lemer

“Janis has helped me immeasurably, both as a hypnotherapist and as a counselor. Her advice is practical and has great impact. She is a wonderful advocate for the well-being of her clients.” — Terri

Rick thumb
“I would highly recommend Janis’s services to anyone. Her incredible knowledge base and intuitive skills in navigating the subconscious have helped me better every aspect of my life. Not only has Janis helped me conquer and heal from broken relationships, childhood fears and lifelong, self-destructive patterns, but by putting me in tune with my own subconscious mind and teaching me how to work with it, she’s also imbued me with a self-empowerment that I’m using to achieve everything I have ever wanted. The power of the subconscious is truly awe-inspiring. And Janis can navigate it like a maestro! I call her the Queen of the Subconscious!” — Richard Wagner

Dale and Craigthumb
“On September 3, 2010, Craig and I quit smoking thanks to you, Janis! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we both are. I had smoked cigarettes for 41 years (since I was 16 years old), had tried to quit smoking numerous times, and always failed. The fear of trying to quit smoking and inevitable failure to do so, was enough to keep me smoking. Besides … I loved to smoke, really loved it! It was part of who I was; my crutch, my independence, the way I rewarded myself.

The hypnotism was very relaxing. Craig remembered everything that you spoke to him. I, on the other hand, was so relaxed, I hardly remembered a thing afterward. I slept very well that night with no anxiety about not having a cigarette first thing in the morning. This was the first time that I honestly didn’t suffer while trying to quit smoking.

You said that I had the worst kind of addiction and now, I believe you. I still have moments where I feel like having a cigarette, but the moment is fleeting, and soon forgotten. There are no cravings. I sometimes feel like I’m missing something, maybe just an old friend? Thanks so much, Janis, for changing our lives!” — Craig and Dale Loucks


“Hi Janis,
I thought you would be happy to hear that I have successfully quit smoking – (I haven’t even had one puff!) and I can guarantee you that it is for good. I have had no physical cravings and the habitual cravings have completely stopped. I have been working out a lot more and my parents even bought me a yoga mat so I can practice at home. I am feeling well rested on a lesser amount of sleep and have more even-keeled moods.

Quitting smoking was the best thing that I ever did, I have saved many dollars and full days of my life. I am actually excited to travel with my dad instead of dreading the cravings.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this. My mother thanks you too and is strongly considering coming in herself. Thank you so much.—Sincerely, Hailey

 Note from Janis: Hailey is 17 years old. She began smoking at age 13. She smoked a pack every 2 days. She asked that her last name not be used or a photo. But the words and the success are all hers. I’m proud of her.

“I was referred to Janis in November 2000. I had just been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in my right ear and surgery had been set for December 7 to remove the tumor along with the middle ear. Having three young children at home further contributed to my angst and apprehension. Janis provided wise counsel and skilled hypnotherapy, both of which helped me to marshal my forces and develop an attitude capable of working through the surgery and the radiation that followed.

In the past 11 years I have taken counsel with Janis many times with regard to both recurrent health issues and other life challenges. My spirit is stronger as a result. I have continued to read and study about the impact our minds can have in our lives and on our very existence. Had Janis not introduced me to this idea and provided ongoing counsel over the years, I might not have had this chance to grow—and may not even have survived.” — John Brown

“Janis is an intuitive and knowledgeable therapist. She has a very warm, open and engaging personality. Her approach is that of a friend who walks the path with you.

She is able to bring about a dazzling clarity to one’s thoughts and perceptions. She has tremendous experience backed by solid training and a passion for her work. I have benefited immensely from her therapy and counseling and highly recommend her services.” — Harish Mudaliar

Lesley Halford 
“Janis combines the highest level of professionalism with warmth, empathy and a sense of humour.

She provides a comfortable, caring and supportive environment for her clients – – even when using electronic apps as her primary communications tool.

Drawing on her extensive training and expertise, she expertly guided me to develop tools and action plans that were appropriate to my situation.” — Lesley 

“I have worked with Janis extensively in the recent past. She is wonderful; she is kind, understanding, and listens well. She was always able to provide insightful comments that had a big impact on me. In fact, with every session I had with her, I always learned at least one thing about myself that I didn’t know before – which I found extremely valuable. She is very knowledgeable in her field and uses several techniques in her sessions. She has taught me to love myself more and has given me useful tips on dealing with stresses in my life. I have seen other therapists in the past, and Janis was better and more helpful than all of them combined. I cannot recommend her enough!” — Priya

“Janis is genuine and authentic, her thoughtful and caring approach made working with her so easy and comfortable. I’ve participated in her engaging weight loss workshop and I’ve also individually utilized her invaluable coaching and counselling skills.

She has a caring personality and the wonderful ability to sincerely connect with you as a human  being.  We’ve engaged in many honest conversations in which she allowed me to express myself in a safe and comfortable environment. Janis helped me identify some of my bigger challenges, issues and barriers that I faced.  She worked with me with patience and gentle kindness to help me assess and move through my challenges and over my barriers to create clarity for me.  With new found clarity, I was then able to define a plan to move forward with a clearer line of sight to set myself on a new path. For that, I thank Janis immensely.

I truly appreciate Janis’s wisdom and guidance and I would highly recommend her.— L. S.

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