Let your true story come alive!


Claim your life — reclaim what you lost

Your true identity, your true story awaits

Your story is more than the facts of your life. It’s more than the things that happen to you. Your story lies in the meaning you give those facts and the value you assign to them.

Your true story lies hidden beneath the judgements, shame and pain. Like a sculptor, as you chip away the coverings, the bits and pieces that don’t belong, you begin to heal and uncover a truer expression of yourself and of your story.

You have a true story

Your true story is the story you came here to tell. You tell your story by living it. Your true story is life-giving. It gives you energy instead of taking it away. The hard work becomes easier because you have left the struggle behind.

Your true story tells the story of your original goodness, truth and beauty. The story of your value and worth and integrity. You matter, to yourself and to the people in your life and to the world.


Your true story has a vitality to it. It sings, it feels alive.
— Janis Rosen


I help people rewrite their stories

When your life isn’t working in small ways or in a significant way, turn to your story. When you experience obstacles that keep you from the life you deserve, your story holds the clues to what isn’t working and why.

Together, we can rewrite your story, start a new chapter or even just turn the page, depending on what you need.

We will shine a light on the part of your story that holds you back from creating the life you desire.


You are valuable and worthy beyond measure.
— Brian Tracy, Kiss that Frog.


Write a new chapter in your life.

I have created a coaching program to help you transform your old story into a new, expansive one. I can tailor my program to your specific needs so you can rewrite your old story and begin to heal.

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