Healing from illness

Are you dealing with a serious illness such as heart disease, cancer or HIV/AIDS? Do you live with a chronic illness or condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome or arthritis?

If you are ill, you may want the ability to cope day to day, maintain your dignity and feel a realistic sense of hope. You can feel in control within a process that often seems to take that away. You can let go of your fears and feel at peace.

Often illness is a time for great change and transformation, a time to examine your life and relationships. Your subconscious mind is a valuable resource to aid in your healing process. I can help you access and harness the resources of your subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy can enhance treatments such as chemotherapy or pain management. It can also help you prepare emotionally and mentally for surgery.

There is not always a complete state of being healed.
There is a continuum of healing.


You are not the wounds you have received
You are medicine that flows from them
— Tad Hargrave, You are the Medicine


Healing emotional wounds

We don’t get through life without emotional wounds. Your wounds will stop you time and time again until you face them, heal and transform them. Facing and healing wounds allow new seeds of well-being, abundance and success to take root, grow and bloom.

As you heal, you change how you relate to people and life. You can become a source of healing — a warm and steady light in the lives of others.

Some wounds can’t be fully healed — but you can face and accept them. You can make a place for them, tend them in a caring way, and learn to live with them. The acceptance becomes the healing.


When you heal, you become whole, restore balance and connect to your spiritual self. Healing relieves pain—emotional and otherwise. Healing your core wounds from your childhood and adolescence will reduce their impact on your adult life.


You can transform from dysfunctional to functional, sad to happy, broken to whole. You don’t have to do it alone. That’s where I come in. When we join together in a therapeutic relationship with the intention of healing, healing occurs.

It takes time, structure and commitment in order to heal. Often the road is painful and you will feel vulnerable. As you shed beliefs you no longer need, you realize you have become a different person, and that rules you clung to as necessary are no longer true.


You can feel more at peace.


Would you like support in your healing journey?

I will be non-judgmental, caring and practical. I will help you combine the practical and the spiritual to heal your illness, core wounds or childhood issues. For more information or to schedule an appointment,

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