Education & Work History


What I do


Life Coach

I developed coaching programs to help my clients accomplish goals and dreams, and create a clear and intentional life plan to get from where they are to where they want to go. These programs include life story coaching to help them craft their authentic life and live their true story, Growing Bigger on the Inside, a transformational weight loss program and the Power and Beauty of Women’s Lives.


Counselor and Hypnotherapist

I started my clinical practice in 1982 working with individuals and couples. Over the past 30 years I have successfully worked with the subconscious minds of thousands of people. I use a unique combination of right-and left-brain techniques.



I created curriculum courses in one of my specialties, Stress Management and Wellness, which were taught all over Manitoba. I wrote a regular column, Secrets of the Subconscious for the Aquarian newspaper. I continue to write a regular blog attached to this website.


Trainer/Facilitator – Organizations

I created and presented many workshops in Stress Management and Wellness for various clients including: the University of Winnipeg, YMCA-YWCA, Government of Manitoba’s Organization & Staff Development (OSD) and Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre. Workshops included: Balancing Work and Life; Wellness Retreat for Women; Stress Management; Self-esteem and the Valued Self; Creative Dreaming.


Facilitator – Strategic Planning

I facilitated or co-facilitated Institute of Cultural Affairs Canada (ICA Canada) strategic planning process workshops for many organizations in Manitoba including: Human Resources Association of Manitoba, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Health Sciences Centre (HSC), Rossbrook House and the Metis Summit, among others.


Trainer/Facilitator – Individuals

I created and presented many workshops in personal growth, spirituality, creative dreaming and the subconscious mind.


What I’ve Learned


The Story Begins

I studied psychology, arts and religion at the University of Manitoba. The highlight was Rabbi Zalman Schachter’s course, Psychology of Religion, which taught me the power of personal and spiritual growth. He inspired me to actually read all 200 books on the reference list!



While teaching yoga and studying massage therapy, I discovered the power of hypnotherapy to access the subconscious. I stopped studying the body and started studying the mind and became a certified clinical hypnotherapist in 1982 (American Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists).


Back Story

Therapeutic Styles of Counseling – The foundation of my counseling practice came from a great professor who taught me five specific counseling styles which I still use today.

Specific Therapies – I continued to diversify my knowledge in right- and left-brain therapies and trained in art therapy, cognitive therapy, solution-focused brief therapy and dream therapy.

My interest in right- and left-brain therapies flowed naturally from working with the conscious and subconscious mind. This led me to a deeper understanding about whole brain thinking and its potential (for example, Lateral Thinking, Mind Mapping and Accelerated Learning). I love to learn about cutting-edge thinking techniques. My personal interests led me to study the Enneagram which gave me a deeper understanding of personality drive that I draw upon in my practice.


The Plot Thickens

Facilitation training courses, Institute of Cultural Affairs Canada (ICA Canada) – I expanded from private practice into facilitation and training, and studied with ICA Canada. I then began presenting facilitated training in strategic planning for various organizations. I also become a workshop presenter in P.A.T.H. (Planning Alternative Tomorrows With Hope).


The Story Continues

Workshops – I discovered a fun way to teach was to present my own workshops. The workshops provided a great way to share what I had learned through my one-on-one work with clients and my personal studies. It also got me out of the office!

Coaching – I began to develop programs to help my clients accomplish goals, create greater success, well-being and fulfillment. Together we identified and eliminated obstacles that stood in the way, so clients could achieve their visions, manifest their dreams, and live their true story.

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