How counseling works

You will walk into a relaxed, safe and respectful environment. We will spend some time talking and getting to know each other. We will identify your issues or problems and create strategies that will work for you.

When you work with me, you will:

  • Begin to see things from a new perspective
  • Feel more hopeful
  • Gain insight that produces change
  • Get results

My job as a counselor is to understand what you need and how to help you get it. I do that by listening to you without judgment and creating an atmosphere of trust. With hypnotherapy I can help you make those changes at a subconscious level.

If you can’t fix it, you can change it.
If you can’t change it, you can heal it.



How Therapy Can Help You

Fear-based Issues

Common problem areas are: suffocating anxieties, fears or phobias that hold you back, or debilitating panic attacks. I’ve had very good success working with clients to overcome these fears.


I have successfully worked with many kinds of addictions. You may be a smoker who wants to quit or have a problem with substance abuse. Gambling may be putting your relationships in jeopardy, making you feel desperate and putting you in debt. If you have a food addiction, you frequently feel out of control as it eats away at your self-esteem. I understand addiction and how to reprogram the addiction in your subconscious. You may have an underlying issue that we will need to address. You can take back your power and control and no longer be a slave to your addiction. You can be free.

Weight Issues

If you want to lose weight, establish healthy eating habits and create a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and good self-care, we can create a blueprint in your subconscious that will support you to make these changes. In my experience, working directly with your subconscious is more powerful than using only diets and willpower. Your subconscious mind has a deeper, much stronger will.


Stress affects you mentally and physically. It robs you of energy and vitality. Stress management is a complicated issue. I’ve developed effective techniques for its many components. I will help you identify and deal with your stressors and learn effective stress management techniques. By working with your subconscious, we can change your reactions to stress and help you to deeply relax.

Moving through Grief

Are you grieving a loss? Grief is the process and the means of coming to terms with your loss. I can show you how to accept grief and move through it while honouring your loss. You can have a life beyond loss.

Healing Abuse

Are you a survivor of childhood trauma (including incest, physical abuse or sexual abuse)? You can heal these wounds by working with your subconscious. I will work with your wounded inner child, help you find or revisit the memories (if needed), and understand and release the effect of those memories on your life. With time and hard work, I have helped many people live happy, healthy lives.

Couples Counseling

If your relationship has broken down and you need help to get it back on track, I can teach you communication skills that will help you and together we can resolve your issues.

The Power and Beauty of Women’s Lives

Do you feel good about yourself? In my experience, many women want to improve their self-esteem and worth. You are valuable, to yourself, those you love and to the world. I will work with you to remove your negative imprinting and change it.

Life Transitions

Are you going through a difficult life transition such as a separation or divorce, motherhood, parenting, widowhood, an empty nest, menopause, or a job or career change. I can help you work through these issues.


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