Let Your True Story Come Alive! Part 3

fairytaleWhat is the story you want to tell?

You may find yourself in a fairy tale – a completely false life. You may not even notice it. You may be asleep to it. Like the story of Sleeping Beauty, the first step is to awaken.

Often when you first awaken, you will encounter your obstacles. You’ll feel the pain, shame or sadness that set you to sleep in the first place.

When you seek greater success and abundance in your life, strong, loving relationships, meaningful work and fulfilling right livelihood, you will hit up against your false story. The one that stops you. It will stop you from a greater expression and expansion of yourself, and of your true story.

That false story resides in your subconscious mind as a subconscious construct or blueprint with corresponding beliefs, thoughts and feelings, decisions and choices attached to it. It feels true, but none the less is not. It may be time to let go of the past; to make a new blueprint that supports your new visions and dreams, and the abundance you desire.

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