Let Your True Story Come Alive! Part 4

I work with people who are not living their true story.

When you change your false story to a true one, you:

  • Create a hand-crafted, authentic life where nothing goes to waste.
  • Turn regrets and sorrows into learning and growing.
  • Deepen your compassion, gratitude and joy of living.

When you heal your deepest wounds, you:

  • Honor and take care of yourself in healthy, new ways.
  • Resolve your paradoxes and contradictions.
  • Own your power.
  • Temper your negative ego and learn to recognize its lies and false stories.
  • Let your character, truth and integrity be your guide.

glassesYour true story is buried, not clear. Your perspective is skewed. My job is to help you see your true story—which may end up being very different from what you thought it was. Each pass youtake at understanding and healing your story uncovers more of its true power. Of its light. Of its meaning and purpose. Nothing goes to waste. Everything that happened has value.

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