Transforming an old story to a new one

potato chipsI wanted to share this note I received, with permission from the writer. (Thank you Dear Writer.) It reflects exactly how I hoped my Transformational Weight Loss workshop would work.

“Had a fight with my boyfriend last night and went straight for the chips(11:00 p.m.) as soon as he left.

I only had a handful. I knew what I was doing as I was doing it.

This morning I went back to my workbook from your weight loss workshop and looked up my core weight story again. An old story. Feeling alone in the relationship.

I don’t want to live that old story anymore. Feeling unwanted. Sad. Hurt. And helpless to change it. (I remembered what you said – it was the young girl was helpless and despairing: I am not.)

I will not beat myself up for chips at 11:00 pm. Instead, I understand why, and forgive myself. Did the chips help? I don’t know. They were part of the old story too.

When my boyfriend and I talk today I can speak from a place of understanding my trigger. I can tell him why I got so upset by his words and actions and I know he will hear it.

I see what you mean, Janis, when you said that we can transform our old stories. That they are living and fluid, being written and rewritten in each moment and that we always have the opportunity to change it, even after the fact! And that life is so forgiving – if we are.

Thanks once again for your workshop that is still filling and feeding me.”