The Subconscious Mind: An Owners Manual Part 3

Visualization is a potent tool to reach your subconscious mind.

Working With the Subconscious

With effort, you can learn to go directly into the subconscious when you want to change, heal or create something. I have found guided visualization to be a potent tool to get into the subconscious. The subconscious mind loves images and responds well to them. Image combined with feeling – even more powerful.

Image + Feeling + Repetition = Clear Result

You can do a guided visualization for yourself, by reading into a tape recorder and then playing it back. Or maybe you can get a friend to read it to you.

As you prepare to start any kind of meditative work it is important to find a comfortable position to sit or lie down – to have a comfortable, safe space. If you have your own special way of relaxing, go ahead and do that. Or you can take three deep breaths, stretch, then relax. Set your goal of what you want to work on in your subconscious and then begin the visualization.

Your Subconscious Mind

Mind Maze

  • Imagine your subconscious as a maze-like structure such as a big library, maze, warehouse or high tech lab. These particular images will allow you to more solidly connect with your subconscious.
  • Create a guide to help you navigate the vast, subterranean territory of the subconscious mind – a librarian, warehouse manager, lab tech, who knows everything about your subconscious and can guide you where you want to go. Every time you enter your subconscious, call your guide first, then tell them what you want to do or where you want to go.
  • Imagine going down into the library. Perhaps an elevator or stairs or manhole where you exit and there is the vista of your place. You go to the door of the library and step inside. There your guide meets you. If it’s a library, in the main room you’ll see rows of shelves with books that contain information. (I will use the library image for description purposes here but change the images according to what you’ve decided yours looks like.)
  • Your subconscious is a busy place. You may see workers shelving and sorting books. Off the main room are doors that lead to other areas of the building. There are maze-like hallways that have many rooms off them. Some hallways lead to stairs that go to other floors with more hallways and rooms.
  • To begin to familiarize yourself with your subconscious, you may want to start with a personal work station or a room where you can go and sit to visualize your goal.
  • There are many areas of the subconscious that you may want to explore over time. You can ask your guide to take you to the room of beliefs. There you can find the book of beliefs that holds all your beliefs. You can change a limiting belief into an expansive or healing belief.
  • If you are dealing with a health issue you can ask your guide to take you to the chamber of healing, where you can do some healing work. There, you may meet a healer or see a table with potions or medicines.
  • The forbidden zone is a place where you put all the things you do not ever want changed or accessed. As a child you hid painful experiences, traumas you never wanted to revisit, and decisions you made to help you survive. It’s painful, but you can be taken there by your guide to revisit those things. You can review old contracts stored in the forbidden zone and change or destroy them. You can plant a garden and seed it with new hopes, dreams and visions and let your subconscious work at manifesting them.
  • Once you have solidly connected to the subconscious, you can create a signal as a short cut to get there faster. Tap your wrist three times or say a secret word and you find yourself at the door to the library, warehouse or lab with your guide there to greet you. Remember that it’s your subconscious. You can discover all kinds of places in the subconscious that work for you.
  • When doing a self-guided visualization you can end it by counting from one to five and bring your attention back to your body and the room. Take a deep breath and reorient yourself. It is fun to be able to go in and out of the subconscious at will and work with it as an ally.

When you take the time to solidly connect with your subconscious mind via a visualization like this, you begin the amazing process of taking ownership of this important and powerful part of your mind.
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