Introduction – Stories of Hope and Healing


These stories explore the energies of well-being, hope, health and healing, and what that means in our daily life. We have all had experiences of healing whether it is a cut finger that goes away or the common cold or a serious illness or an addiction we have overcome.

hIn many ways healing the body seems like a mystery and healing, beyond our control. Feed a cold,starve a fever. Wash your hands. To bandage a cut or not to bandage. Yet we know we have a capacity and a drive to be healthy.

We can try to treat, cure and support our bodies during illness, but can we direct and focus healing? Is healing the same as recovery? Is health something static or is there a continuum ofhealth? What are the connections between life and health, healing and wellness? As we explore these ideas it is always good to find the questions and start there.

In any exploration it is important to listen to the stories around you. Through these representive stories perhaps we can begin to distill some keys about healing, health and well being. (In essence these are true stories, but in some cases the names and various details have been changed or cloaked to give a bit of anonymity.)