Centering Myself

beachTaking a moment this morning to quiet…to listen.

Sometimes I don’t mind the rush of day coming in.

But today, so overpowering, A tidal wave of energy.

Right away,the incessant dialogue of everything that must be done, all the shoulds, and all the “need tos”. The worries, doubts, fears, anxieties that pile in so quickly as the day begins.

A moment please.

Letting them wash away. Let them wash away now. With each breath, a little more calm, a little more still.

Be gentle for a moment, Sha, Listen, Breathe – a soft breath.

Let my mind stretch out into the day listening… to what is calling, what is inviting….listening for the whispers, of truth, of the real. Feeling the future like a seeds of possibility…where I am going, who I am becoming.

No judgement


Feeling peaceful now.

Nice to intervine with myself and come into this day now, present, more calm, more at peace.